Hit-and-run caught on surveillance cameras

Three of Families and Youth, Inc.'s vans were damaged in a hit and run early Friday morning.

A hit-and-run early Friday morning damaged three vans at Families and Youth Inc. in Las Cruces.

"We do our best to plan for unexpected events, but to lose three vehicles at once, it really creates a hardship," CEO Brian Kavanaugh said.

Families and Youth Inc. provides advocacy, prevention and intervention programs across Dona Ana County.

The crash happened around 3 a.m. Friday. The parking lot surveillance cameras caught the crash.

"Someone was coming down Solano (Drive), jumped the curb, ran into the vans and knocked three of them out of place," Kavanaugh said.

Video footage shows the driver exiting the car a couple of minutes after the crash, walking to the side of the parking lot and getting picked up by someone in another car.

Kavanaugh said one van is likely totaled and the other two have serious damage. The organization is still waiting for an insurance adjuster to look at the damage.

"It just brings up another challenge that we face and that we're going to try to overcome," Kavanaugh said. "None of our current grants cover the costs of purchasing vehicles, so we're going to do as best as we can to make sure the services go as uninterrupted as possible."

Families and Youth Inc. turned the video footage over to Las Cruces police.

Las Cruces police said they are still investigating to determine who the driver was. A spokesperson for the department said the 2015 Toyota Corolla is registered to a 32-year-old woman, but they are unsure if she was the driver.

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