Heartbroken family speaks out on loss, memory of 2-year-old Faviola Rodriguez

Heartbroken family speaks out on loss, memory of 2-year-old Fabiola Rodriguez (Source: KFOX14)

A family in Las Cruces reflects on the life of a 2-year-old child who was found dead in the custody of her mother’s boyfriend.

On Thursday, police said 2-year-old Faviola Rodriguez was found dead in her home under suspicious circumstances.

Medical staff indicated the child had bruising on her head, face and ribs.

Police arrested 23-year-old Lalo Anthony Castrillo on Thursday night, charging him with child abuse resulting in death.

KFOX14 spoke with the child’s uncle, who told me the child’s grandfather and mother were taking her loss the hardest.

“When this happened to Favi, it was like something just ripped his heart and soul out of his body, and nobody deserves that. The same for his daughter, Sandra. She’s Favi’s mom. This was her only child, her beautiful little girl, again, taken away from her,” Frank Duran said.

Duran said everyone in the family referred to Faviola as little Favi.

He said that Favi was a very bright child who enjoyed playing with dolls with her cousin and making mud pies outside.

“She knew her numbers all the way up to 20. Every day, when she took a shower, she would sing her ABCs and her numbers,” 11-year-old cousin Azalea Prince said.

“She was a smart little girl and she touched everyone around the neighborhood here. She was outgoing. She smiled when she looked at us, would giggle and smile, and we would just shower her with love,” Duran said.

Duran said Favi’s mother and grandfather were too distraught to talk on camera today but made a memorial with candles, toys and photos of Favi so family and friends could stop by and honor her memory.

“Not even suffering is enough to say what we’re going through not having Favi with us, but to have people come to honor her, to remember her, to give that support-- we are and will be forever grateful,” cousin Evelyn Valdivia said.

Favi’s family members said they’re all heartbroken and still feel as if Favi will come home, since the reality of a life without her hasn’t sunken in yet.

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