HACEP builds new homes for families in need

Construction is underway in east El Paso for a new affordable housing development.

A new housing development aimed at helping people in need is under construction in east El Paso.

It’ll be located on Montana Avenue near Yarbrough Drive.

When completed, the new affordable housing development will give housing assistance to 188 families in El Paso.

Though the housing authority ceremoniously broke ground Wednesday afternoon, construction began about a month ago.

Known as Commissioners Corner, the complex is part of the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso’s $1.3 billion revitalization effort. The Housing Authority received the funds in 2014.

Housing Authority CEO Gerald Cichon told KFOX14 the project isn’t costing taxpayers anything.

He said they chose the location partly because of the schools in the area.

He said these types of housing developments will help families get the boost they need.

"It's a chance for these families to, kind of, to move up and out, right? To use housing temporarily, and then become self-sufficient,” he said.

He said the new housing development will boost the value of homes in the area.

"When you build something that's as nice as what you're going to see here, it's going to raise the whole community up,” he said.

Families who live in these neighborhoods will pay a percentage of their income for rent.

Cichon said construction will be completed by Jan. 1, 2019, and families will be moving in shortly after that.

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