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Gov. Greg Abbott deploys 200 'tactical' Texas guard members to El Paso

Texas Military come to El Paso as part of the Governor's "Operation Lone Star" on Monday, May 8, 2023. Credit: KFOX14/CBS
Texas Military come to El Paso as part of the Governor's "Operation Lone Star" on Monday, May 8, 2023. Credit: KFOX14/CBS
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Republican Governor Greg Abbott deployed a new Texas Military unit called the "Texas Tactical Border Force" to hot spots along the border, including El Paso.

A total of 200 guards arrived Monday in El Paso at Atlantic Aviation.

Soldiers are expected to prevent illegal immigration into the state of Texas, Major Sean Storrud, Task Force West Commander for Texas Military, said.

Soldiers will use barbed wire that has already been placed along the border in El Paso.

"Immigrants will be treated with dignity and respect and letting them know what the rules are. Where they are allowed to cross and where they are not allowed to cross," Storrud said.

The Texas Military are supporting Abbott's "Operation Lone Star."

The Texas Military will work hand in hand with Texas Department of Transportation troopers who are also supporting Abbott's efforts, according to Storrud.

If migrants get across the border and past the barrier the Texas Military will make sure they work with Border Patrol to prevent riots.

If migrants cross the large border wall guards will be ready.

"We stand ready to assist Texas DPS in enforcing any state laws, Storrud said.

Monday's arrival comes ahead of Title 42 ending on Thursday.

"In this situation our soldiers are going to be expected to prevent, deter and interdict illegal immigration into the state of Texas," said Storrud.

"They have actually turned back or repelled or denied access to the United States in Texas by turning back more than 37,000 people who were trying to enter into the country illegally," said Texas Governor, Greg Abbott.

Abbott said the nation is dealing with the highest number of migrants coming across the border illegally than ever before.

"Texas is doing more than any state in the history of United States of America to defend our border. That includes deploying up to 10,000 National guard members and 1,200 Texas of Department of Public Safety troopers," said Abbott.

A resident that lives near the border in the Lower Valley said they saw migrants walking the streets around his neighborhood during the weekend.

“I turned to the side of the river down the street, and people were coming walking over her. I think it was hundreds of them,” said Juan Martinez.

Others said they thought the Texas National Guard would help.

"The government’s trying to protect us people from having them come over the border," said Joe Ramirez.

Soldiers will stay in El Paso until they are no longer needed.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said last week the U.S. has been preparing for the end of the restrictions.

A total of 1,500 U.S. troops are expected to arrive in El Paso to focus on administrative tasks so that U.S. Customs and Border Protection can work in the field.

Mayorkas also stressed the border situation is “extremely challenging.” On the other end of the Texas border, El Paso also has seen a migrant surge.

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