Gadsden ISD recruits teachers to fully staff district

Gadsden ISD recruits teachers to fully staff district (Source: KFOX14)

The Gadsden Independent School District is hiring for 40 teacher positions in the district.

GISD received about $40,000 from the New Mexico Public Education Department, said GISD superintendent Travis Dempsey.

Leaders with the district invested the money in buying a billboard along I-10 between Vinton and Mesquite to recruit teachers.

“We’ve used online, we’ve used billboards, we’ve used newspaper ads and we’re really trying to reach out (to as) many people as we possibly can,” said Dempsey.

The district hired more than 80 teachers to fill empty spots, but the district started the school year with substitute teachers in some of the classrooms, said Dempsey.

“We do struggle at Gadsden. I think nationwide, and across the state, we struggle with math, science, special education and bilingual teachers. We want to make sure that we’re getting the very best,” said Dempsey.

Being bilingual is a plus for teacher candidates, said Dempsey.

“Our hope is that in the future we start the first day of school with a certified teacher. We didn’t quite hit that mark this year but we’re working to make sure that happens in the future,” said Dempsey.

The district is having a challenge in finding special education teachers that will be qualified, said Dempsey.

“Special education is the most difficult because there’s so many areas in special education,” said Dempsey.

The district is also looking for math and science teachers of all grade levels. To apply, you can visit the Gadsden ISD page here.

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