Furloughed federal employees worried about making ends meet due to government shutdown

    Furloughed federal employees worried about making ends meet due to government shutdown<p>{/p}

    Some furloughed federal workers in the borderland say they are bracing the lack of a paycheck and trying to make ends meet.

    An employee of the Bureau of Land Management under the U.S. Department of Interior told KFOX14 she is getting ready to dip into her savings account if the government does not re-open by her next pay cycle. She asked us to remain anonymous.

    Pinching for pennies is what this woman has been doing since the partial government shutdown started Dec. 22.

    “Come next couple of weeks, I have to definitely dip into savings and if this goes longer then it’s going to be scary,” she said. “Visitors are being put in situations where there’s no help where it’s needed, it’s just discouraging."

    She says this is her fourth government shutdown and one of the longest she's experienced.

    The national park where she works looks very much like the Chamizal National Memorial right now -- closed and empty.

    Come next week if the partial government shutdown continues she will miss her first paycheck since Dec. 22. She said her mother also depends on the money.

    “In a couple of weeks it’s going to get a little bit tight because it’s coming,” she said.

    She is one of about 800,000 federal workers who are waiting for the government to re-open.

    Another one of those employees is Carlos Favela, vice president for the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929 union of El Paso.

    “Most of the agents know this is the kind of political climate right now,” said Favela. “Personally, I prepared and set a little savings aside for this so it’s just a waiting game right now."

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