Fort Bliss soldiers participate in live fire tank training

About 40 Fort Bliss soldiers participate in a live fire tank training exercise in Otero County.

About 40 Fort Bliss soldiers are out in the desert firing tank guns.

It’s a part of their months long training.

At the Oro Grande Range Complex in Otero County, several Fort Bliss soldiers are firing live ammunition and honing their combat skills.

Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Cairnes, told KFOX14 these soldiers are getting the practice they need, so they are ready if they’re ever called to engage in hostilities.

'You know, with everything, with repetition, practice makes perfection,” Cairnes said. “That's what we strive for here.”

He said they try to do this type of training about two times a year, at least.

“To make sure that we are effective war fighters,” he said.

He’s been deployed to Iraq three times.

He said the desert climate they’re training in gives them a taste of the conditions some have encountered before.

"A lot of training area out here that seemingly replicates desert scenarios, you know, some of the guys have been to the desert before,” he said.

He told us they engage in various types of targets to make sure members of the four-man crew on a tank, are proficient in their craft.

He said when the tanks fire, they can hit targets 2 miles out.

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