Court documents detail moments leading up to death of man near Hueco Tanks

    Cornelius D. Harrison, 21, is accused of murder in the death of 22-year-old Frankie Alexander Hernandez Jr. Courtesy: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

    KFOX14 has learned new details in the murder of a man near Hueco Tanks on Thursday.

    Fort Bliss soldier Cornelius Harrison is accused of killing 22-year-old Frank Hernandez, who was found dead Wednesday evening near the 400 block of Stagecoach Road in far east El Paso County.

    KFOX14 has now learned that an alleged feud between Hernandez and Harrison led to his violent death.

    Two ammunition casings and cigarette butts were key pieces of evidence in figuring out who allegedly killed Hernandez on Jan. 3.

    Fort Bliss soldier Cornelius Harrison, 21, has been booked and charged with murder after allegedly shooting Hernandez four times.

    According to court documents, one person who was there at the time of the murder came forward and told investigators that he and some others, including Hernandez, were at Harrison’s apartment in northeast El Paso on Wednesday night.

    In the arrest report, police say, the group drove out to the Red Sands area to shoot rifles. That’s when they ended up pulling into Stagecoach Drive, where Harrison allegedly shot Hernandez three times in the torso and once in the head.

    The person who came forward told investigators Harrison said he did it because Hernandez had allegedly stolen from him.

    Court documents show Harrison and the other witnesses returned to the scene shortly after the shooting because Harrison allegedly wanted to get rid of the cigarette butts and casings that were left behind.

    The witness told investigators Harrison was not able to locate the items.

    He also told investigators that when they returned to Harrison’s apartment complex, he wanted to burn all evidence, including their clothes.

    Another witness told investigators the original plan was to beat Hernandez up, but didn’t know Harrison would end up shooting him.

    Police say Harrison has admitted to being at the scene of the crime, but claims he didn’t pull the trigger.

    KFOX14 reached out to Fort Bliss. Officials say Harrison was a 1st Armored Division soldier, having been there since November 2016.

    He was assigned to the 44th Chemical Company, 22nd Chemical Battalion as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Specialist.

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