Former colleagues react to Beto O'Rourke's announcement on 2020 presidential bid

    Beto O'Rourke

    Charismatic, honest, magnetizing.

    These are a few words people close to describing Beto O'Rourke have used to describe him. So many people throughout not only El Paso but the entire country are excited that O'Rourke has announced his run. But it seems nothing compared to the excitement his friends have.

    O’Rourke began his career in politics as an El Paso city councilman in 2005 and served there for six years where he served as mayor pro-tem under former Mayor of El Paso John Cook.

    He also worked next to former city representatives Steve Ortega.

    They both said that O’Rourke’s charisma and genuine concern for the well-being of people are what will take him far.

    Representative Lina Ortega in the Texas house of representatives says his honesty separates him from the average politician.

    “I can tell you this he was a very eloquent speaker very charismatic you know a personality that really stood out from the crowd so he’s a very presidential type of person so I think he’ll do well,” John Cook, former mayor of El Paso, said.

    “The intelligence charisma ability to communicate with others and he is just so down to earth and I know that I met him when we were just talking to him about running as a city representative so I backed him I help them in any way every other race that he has undertaken I think we were all very disappointed to see that he didn’t become our senator but I’ll tell you what I’d be much happier if he becomes our president,” State Representative Lina Ortega said.

    “So I think his candor his honesty coupled with the magnetism that he has I just think he has it factor that is going to really attract a lot of voters to him I think that’s what we’re going to see I think immediately he’s going to be in the upper tier of candidates,” Steve Ortega, former city council representative, said.

    Mayor Cook added that anyone who wants to help out with the campaign should wait until his team reaches out before taking the initiative on your own.

    El Paso Rep. Veronica Escobar released the following statement:

    We have not had a presidential election this important in my lifetime. Our country is at an historic crossroads, and if we continue on this reckless path, we all have much to lose. I have endorsed Beto O’Rourke in every election he’s run — including this exciting run for President of the United States — because he is an extraordinary public servant, driven by compassion and a desire to unify. He is a son of the border, and during an era of unprecedented racist attacks on safe, secure communities like ours, I am grateful that he consistently stands up to the xenophobia and bigotry that has driven the ugliest of political debates. It is that kind of courage that we need today, now more than ever.

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