Folks fight the wind in northeast El Paso

A look at Northeast El Paso from Transmountain on a windy day. (KFOX14/CBS4)

The winds picked up in northeast El Paso on Thursday afternoon.

Looking onto the northeast from Transmountain, you could see dust and dirt hovering over the northwest and west part of El Paso.

People held onto their belongings with a tighter grip, in fear they’d lose them.

Some people were also out of breath during their usual walk home, fighting the wind.

“Pretty good," said Rosana Arebalo. “My hat's come off about three times already. I’m trying. As you can see, I’m keeping a hold of it right here.”

Some folks told KFOX14 they enjoy the breeze while others said these aren’t the most ideal conditions for being out and about.

“It’s just a lot of stuff flying around and everything,” said Brandon Thompson. “Everything getting in my eyes and, yeah, it’s annoying.”

A few people also told us they have to take extra precautions while driving in these conditions because they can feel their vehicles sway due to the powerful gusts.

We found some baseball players Thursday evening who were having a hard time with the wind.

"I was struggling to hit the ball, but I got used to the wind. So I got better at hitting," Ismael Portillo said.

Balls were harder to catch, according to Noah Gamez.

"Because you have to chase the ball and then it makes it harder for us," Gamez said.

Some parents said the strong gusts weren't going to prevent practice from happening.

"You've gotta play sports in all types of weather," Hillary Kholer said.

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