Flu is now ‘widespread’ in Texas


The Centers for Disease Control’s most recent report says that the country is seeing a spike in flu activity.

Flu activity in Texas, along with 23 other states, is now considered “widespread.”

The brown states on the map above are those that are now seeing widespread flu activity. The CDC says that is the most severe condition on the spectrum.

The CDC says Texas is considered widespread because there are increased illnesses in at least half of the state’s regions and those cases are recent, happening within the past three weeks.

A report from the Texas Department of State Health Services says there was a 10.5% increase of those testing positive for flu within the last week’s report.

Additionally, Texas is one of 10 states seeing a spike in flu-like illnesses.

This could be a result from a flu vaccine failure. CBS News reports that the flu vaccine has only been about 10% effective this season.

That’s been the case in El Paso. Madison Luevano, for example, said she still got the illness despite getting the shot.

“It's a little frustrating because you pay for the flu shot to be healthy and then you're not healthy and then you have to invest in medicine,” she said.

She said she’s been feeling this way for about a month and she normally doesn’t get sick this time of year.

The CDC says it’s not too late to get the flu vaccine if you haven’t gotten it, but it will take about three weeks to start working.

It suggests antiviral drugs as a second line of defense.

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