Flooding caused hazard for drivers on Mesa

    EL PASO, Texas -- Drivers had to plow through flooding on Mesa street near the Montecillo Apartments early Thursday morning because of rain.

    A few feet of water pooled on both sides of the road where the street dips down near Montecillo. Thursday morning the flooding was gone, but remaining water was in parts of the westbound lanes.

    Up the hill, construction workers are building what will be the Alamo Draft House. Fences were knocked over and construction crews,along with the help of an El Paso police officer, were cleaning up debris.

    The project manager for one of the construction companies working on the project, ZTEX Construction, told CBS4 the rain caused erosion and forced them to shut down the job site for the day.

    Rose Diaz, a resident at The Venue at Montecillo, said she did not have to drive last night, but she would have had no other choice but to drive through the flooding if she left last night.

    "I've noticed a lot of times when we have floods and stuff like that; low cars wind up getting stuck in the water," Diaz said.

    Hillside Coffee and Donuts told CBS4 it did not have any impact to business this morning. Denisse Murray, a resident of West El Paso and customer, said the city doesn't have proper draining.

    "We've had a lot of [flooding] in El Paso, but recently within the past two months I've seen cracking on streets and complete flooding," Murray said.

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