New retention pond to bring flood relief to central El Paso

Site of new retention pond in Central El Paso. (KFOX14/CBS4)

El Paso Water is about to begin work on the final piece of the stormwater system for Central El Paso.

“Oh my God, it gets flooded. You can’t even drive. Sometimes there’s accidents,” Mayra Rodriguez, said.

In Central El Paso, neighbors say flooding is still an issue on their streets.

“Over here towards Copia, all the water comes down from the mountains. What they’re doing out here on Copia, I’m pretty sure that’s going to work out OK,” Roberto De La Paz said.

El Paso Water is using stormwater fees from your monthly bill to build a $2.4 million, 8 million-gallon retention pond.

“The project consists of not only making the pond deeper but there’s also conveyance there’s piping that’s going to collect water off the streets and take it to the pond,” Gilbert Trejo, chief technical officer for El Paso Water said.

Copia Pond will work a little different than other stormwater structures in the area.

“We’ll capture the water and then release it at a controlled rate. So eventually all this water will make its way to the new gateway ponds but it will be released at a control rate so we don’t flood I-10,” Trejo said.

That means it will help control runoff on the streets.

“Near Copia Street it gets flooded. Sometimes the traffic is really bad because of the flooding,” Guillermo Alvarez said.

The project is set to break ground in June and will take 10 months to complete.

“Anything they really do it’s going to help because El Paso gets flooded really bad,” De La Paz said.

El Paso Water says other stormwater structures in the area are will help control flooding until the final pond is ready to work.

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