Update: El Paso man killed in fiery crash on NM 404; driver faces DUI charge

A serious crash was reported on NM 404 on Feb. 8, 2018. Photo courtesy of Pete Lucero.

New Mexico State Police said the driver who caused a fatal fiery crash Thursday was under the influence.

Andres Rayos, 22, of El Paso, died in the collision along State Road 404 about 2 miles west of Chapparal.

Jeramy Lucero, 23, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxication of liquor and/or drugs, and reckless driving, police said.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. when the driver of a 2004 Honda was struck and rolled over, catching fire, said police.

Investigators said Lucero was driving a 2007 Dodge station wagon westbound along the Anthony Gap, when he tried passing a vehicle in the same lane.

Lucero crashed into the Honda on the eastbound lane, causing it to sideswipe a third vehicle.

The Honda rolled and caught fire, killing the driver, said police.

The Honda rolled and caught fire, Rayos, said police.

iSpot reporters sent photos and videos from the scene showing fire crews extinguishing the flames coming from two vehicles.

The driver and passenger of the third vehicle were taken to Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces with non-life-threatening injuries.

Jason Solis, a student at Dona Ana Community College, was trying to drive through the area Thursday afternoon.

He said drivers are always trying to pass one another.

“There is always people trying to pass other people. There are people that drive kind of slow at times because they are worried about driving through mountains. There are people always passing other people and going at high speeds.

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