Father-in-law accused of killing EPCC professor allegedly tried hiring hit man

Mug shot for Javier Quinones

The trial continued Thursday for an El Paso man who stands accused of killing his son-in-law after a child custody battle.

An El Paso detective took the stand to describe how Javier Quinones behaved after he was arrested in California.

At that moment he was only facing charges of interfering with child custody.

His wife and daughter had also been arrested on those charges at that time.

Detective Camacho with El Paso Police Department described Quinones as "very calm" and "cooperative" during his interview with them in 2016.

By then, son-in-law William Wolff had already been murdered in El Paso, which led detectives to California for an interview with Quinones.

In that interview Quinones said Wolff had threatened his daughter Erika after one of the child custody hearings.

Quinones also accused Wolff’s family of being the masterminds behind the custody battle, going as far as saying that they form part of the Mafia.

Wolff was found dead in December 2015.

He was shot to death outside his brother’s law offices in northeast El Paso.

Since then, Wolff's ex-wife Erika, along with her mother and father, Javier Quinones need mother's name have been extradited back to the county.

Jurors also heard form a witness who claimed Quinones had called him three times over the course of four months asking for help in finding a sicario.

A sicario is most easily translated as a hitman, who are usually associated with drug cartels in Mexico.

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