Far East El Paso road will help deputies respond to calls faster

Mission Ridge Road construction.

Mission Ridge Boulevard is still under construction. But deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said once the signs are gone, this road will be an important route allowing police to respond faster to calls out here in the desert.

"It's a small part of the desert of El Paso, but it is a large area for one or two vehicles to find a shooter that quick,” Sgt. Stephen Haack said, “I mean, it would be nice if we had straight roads out there."

The ongoing issue of stray bullets hitting homes in Far East El Paso is concerning-- especially for George Cervantes, whose wife was nearly hit in the head by a stray round.

"Having a built road, something that's hard-paved -- of course you get them out here a lot quicker,” Cervantes said. “So it's going to put this whole community and the surrounding community with a little bit more piece of mind.”

"It will also help with our response times. Right here, we're on Mission Ridge and it's going to connect,” Haack said.

The El Paso County administrator told KFOX14 that Mission Ridge should be completed by the end of the month, saying the contractor has to finish up a couple of sidewalks and install some power lines. This news has people whose homes have been hit by stray bullets feeling hopeful.

"Once these people who are discharging these firearms see that there's a lot of surrounding communities and then there's a major road that going to be lit,” Cervantes said, “maybe it'll put some common sense in to them and say 'Hey, we should stop this.'"

As KFOX14 reported, the Sheriff's Office is conducting operations weekly to put an end to stray bullets hitting homes. Even if the road is finished, they will stay vigilant.

"We're not going to ignore the problem or hope it goes away,” Haack said. “We're going to be out here saturating this area and we'll be carrying on this operation until we correct this problem."

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