Family to be reunited with pet after seven years

A family lost their cat seven years ago while stationed at Fort Bliss.

Erica Casselman thought her cat, Princess Peach, was gone for good when she lost her in 2010.

"She was just a baby kitten the last time we saw her," Casselman said. "Weeks went by and then months went by. Now, years have gone by and we thought okay, I just kind of forgot about her."

Casselman and her family were stationed at Fort Bliss and later moved to New York. She never thought she'd see Princess Peach again, until El Paso Animal Services called her.

"I'm so flabbergasted. It's hard to believe," Casselman said.

Animal control officers found Princess Peach on the 6400 block of Boeing Drive and checked for a microchip.

"We ended up finding the owner in New York. So we made contact with the owner and the owner's been missing the cat for seven years," Hugo Navarro, the Animal Services manager, said.

Princess Peach will soon be reunited with her family in New York.

"(The family's) making arrangements through one of the local airlines here and they're going to fly the cat out there," Navarro said.

Navarro said that updated contact information on the cat's microchip is the main reason they found Casselman.

"That's one of the problems we have at the shelter is that a lot of animals are microchipped, but people do not update their information.

El Paso Animal Services hosts a free "chip check" event every Wednesday. Animal control officers take less than five minutes to update owner's contact information on their pet's microchips.

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