Family speaks out after losing mother at deadly intersection

Amanda Hamil

El Paso Police Department has released new information on the deadly rollover in Northeast El Paso.

Relatives of the victims tell KFOX14 that the 33-year-old woman who died on scene was the mother of three young boys.

“Why does it have to be mom to die?” Scottie Robison said.

Robison is the middle child among his two brothers. The three boys have been asking themselves over and over again, why they had to be the ones to lose their loving mother.

“If it was someone to die, why couldn't it be the person who created the crash?” Robison said.

Amanda Hamil died Wednesday afternoon at Gateway North Boulevard and Mesquite Hills.

“I just know that somebody ran a stop sign while they were going northbound and it hit them and flipped the jeep and they were ejected,” Donna Stewart said.

Stewart is Hamil’s mother. She was too grief-stricken to appear on camera.

Police confirm that a 63-year-old woman failed to stop at the stop sign. That's when she hit the jeep in which Carlos Villanueva and Hamil were traveling.

Villanueva's mother tells us her son is stable now, but fractured several ribs, has a dislocated shoulder and a collapsed lung.

The family is asking for a change in traffic signal at that intersection to spare others from a similar tragedy.

“It's a major, major intersection with no traffic signal at all,” Steward said. “And just while we were there, I mean it's scary.”

Villanueva is still in and out of consciousness. His family told us he still doesn't know his girlfriend of two years has passed.

Villanueva's mother told us the couple was happy together and her son loved the kids.

For now the family wishes they had just one more moment with their mother to say goodbye.

“If I'd known that she was going to die I would at least say, I would at least give her a hug and say that I love her and bye,” Robison said.

Hamil's family plans to take her body back to Oklahoma. They've set up a GoFundMe page to help with costs.

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