Family of teen killed wants maximum sentence for Victory Largo

The plea hearing for Victory Largo was held Thursday at the 205th District courtroom in Downtown El Paso.

As we reported last year, Largo was charged with the death of 16-year-old Gabriela Pitones.

In court Thursday, the defendant asked the court for more time to come up with a negotiation.

Judge Francisco Dominguez granted the extension.

The family of the victim says the defendant offered four years for the sentence but they say it’s not enough.

“My thing is he gets to wake up every day and live life, period. My sister can’t ever wake up again,” said Savannah Pitones who is the victim's sister.

The victim's mother, Denise Ochoa, said it was difficult to see Largo for the first time since her daughter’s death.

“He came out of the courtroom smiling like it was just another, you know, very simple and it made me want to cry but I know I’m not supposed to react,” said Ochoa.

Judge Dominguez says the prosecutor and the defendant have until April 3rd. To come up with a plea bargain.

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