Family devastated after fire burns down home in Las Cruces

Family devastated after fire burns down home in Las Cruces (Credit: KFOX14)

A family is heartbroken today after their home was engulfed in flames in Las Cruces.

Little remains after a fire devastated a home last night on Hadley Avenue near Valley Drive.

Parts of the roof collapsed, and the only thing keeping the foundation stable are charred beams.

“All these memories that are in this house, they're in my heart,” Danna Karen said.

The fire department in Las Cruces were alerted about the fire at around 10p.m. Wednesday.

Luckily no one was home at the time, however witnesses say the fire took out the trailer in a matter of seconds.

“This was the porch and my grandma would always sit here and chill. There were a bunch of tables. This was the kitchen. This was the living room and where there’s a hole in the middle, that was my grandmas room,” Jocelin Ochoa said.

Jocelin Ochoa said her grandmother has helped raised the family in her home for nearly twenty years.

Jocelin’s grandmother said the biggest heartbreak for her was the thought that her late husbands ashes were taken with the fire.

“It was my fear that he would burn again because he and I made a promise to each other that when I die then our kids would scatter our ashes in the sea,” Zenaida Ochoa said.

Miraculously the family was able to find the ashes in a box that had not been damaged.

“Something that really got to me was my grandpas ashes were in here, but that’s the only thing that got saved,” Jocelin Ochoa said.

The youngest of those living in the home is 8-year old Danna Karen.

She said how much she wishes this was all just a bad dream.

“We’re sad because now me and my grandma don’t have a place to live and all our clothes are burned, all those things that we had are waste and that’s really painful for me and for my grandma,” Danna Karen said.

The grandmother said she lost documents of her residency, her medication and oxygen tank in the fire.

The chief with the Las Cruces Fire Department said they’re still trying to determine the cause of the fire but have ruled out fireworks.

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