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Exclusive look inside the new Alamo Draft House theater

KFOX14 gets an exclusive look inside the new Alamo Draft House opening in west El Paso
KFOX14 gets an exclusive look inside the new Alamo Draft House opening in west El Paso
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Construction on the new Alamo Draft House is wrapping up, with builders hoping to have the theaters open by the end of April or early May.

When it's completed, the $770 million project will have 840 seats in eight theaters.

KFOX14 got an exclusive inside look at the theater. Programming Director Robert Saucedo said the theater promises to be a one-of-a-kind movie-going experience.

"This has been a process a few years in the making and we're really excited because we are so close to the opening of the theater. It is a completely from the ground-up built. It's going to be a beautiful location," he said.

Construction of the theater, which is located at the new Montecillo development, was delayed for several months over issues with the land it sits on. Crews had to level out part of the area, reinforce some of the surrounding slopes and add a mesh and plant seed base to prevent erosion. A concrete barrier also had to be added.

"As with any project there is a few wrinkles here and there but overall this is been a really fast and really exciting build," Saucedo said.

Each theater will be equipped with around 126 seats that come with tables. Movie-goers will have access to a full menu and bar with a unique twist.

Waiters will be dressed in all black and are, "trained to be like ninjas to deliver food and beverages to you while you're watching a movie without distracting you," he said.

The theater has already begun the hiring process. Last week, it posted 200 job openings on its website for the first El Paso location.

The menu will also have some key variations from other theaters.

"We always have menus that are themed around whatever is playing in our movie theater. So, for example, when the Martian came out, we had a potato based menu since Matt Damon had to grow his own potatoes in the film. So we had a potato pizza, loaded potatoes, potato vodka, etc," Saucedo said.

The theater is already thinking ahead for upcoming movies like Captain America: Civil War.

"I'm sure we're going to have red, white and blue patriotic foods. Tony Stark in Iron Man is known for his drinking so maybe we will have some scotch specials. It's a great way to kind of enhance the experience and tie and what you are enjoying on your plate with what you are viewing on the screen," he said.

However, there are also some rules that are unique to Alamo Draft House. Saucedo said they take the no cellphone rule very seriously and will kick people out of the theater after their second warning.

"As a culture, we're getting very busy and it's getting really bad as the years go on," he said.

But, those who are willing to forego their cellphones will be treated to singalongs, dance parties, special screenings and Q&A sessions with directors and actors from the movies.

"We also understand that video systems at home are actually really nice and so we have to kind of coax people away from their living room and get them to come out to a movie theater. And so we understand the importance of making sure that any time you go to a movie theater it's a true event," Saucedo said.

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The Montecillo Alamo Draft House may be the first in El Paso, but it might not be the last. The builder is already looking forward to bringing more locations to the Sun City in the future.

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