EPISD considering change to recess, lunch breaks

EPISD could add additional break time for lunch and recess. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

The El Paso Independent School District could add a recess break to the upcoming school year.

A decision was not made at the meeting on Thursday, but the district decided to look at research and studies on extended recess or lunch breaks for children.

"They want them to go before so they get hungry and then they'll finish their lunch and that's what we're trying to shoot for,” said Juan Cabrera, EPISD superintendent. “We also want to make sure that they do recess in the mornings as well."

In April 2017, parents addressed the district with concerns that students were not getting enough of a break from instructional time. They were worried that the children were not burning enough energy with just one recess and did not have enough time to eat their whole lunch.

The district has to meet a certain number of instructional minutes per year, which prevented it from making a change sooner.

If a decision is made in the upcoming months, the plan is to implement any added recesses or extended lunch breaks by the next school year.

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