EPCC chairman heading to Austin as new state representative amid legislative session

Art Fierro (Credit: El Paso Community College/ Facebook)

El Paso Community College chairman Art Fierro has secured the Texas state representative seat for District 79 with 52.06 percent of the vote.

Fierro beat out former City Council member Dr. Michiel Noe and businessman Hans Sassenfeld in Tuesday’s special election to replace former Rep. Joe Pickett, who announced he was stepping down due to health reasons.

“We need to make sure that this legislation we are talking about education reform. We need to address teacher pay and retired teacher pay. They haven’t been raised and we need to bring them up to par," said Fierro.

Noe said he knew where the race was heading as soon as the first polls were released.

“Well, the early numbers are pretty definitive. It looks like I lost the race and that’s OK. I ran the race I wanted to race and I’m not at all regretful of the tactics that we used,” Noe said. “And that’s what I wanted to do; I wanted to run a clean race. Voters made a decision and I respect that. This is a part of that process.”

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