Environmental Services Department encourages residents to ‘dunk’ recyclables in blue bins

Dunk it in the blue and recycle right. Courtesy Photo.

As many college basketball fans prepare for March Madness festivities, the city of El Paso’s Environmental Services Department is encouraging residents to recycle properly.

The department estimates that thousands of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and clean cardboard material will be thrown into the trash before, during and after the games.

Below are a few tips the department's Recycling Division wants you to remember when it comes to recycling.

Before a gathering, set aside separate containers for trash and recycling. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles and clean cardboard are recyclable.

Pizza boxes and plastic foam cups and plates are not recyclable. Those belong in the trash.

Purchase aluminum cans instead of glass. The Environmental Services Department does not accept glass in the blue bins.

Serve food on reusable plates that can be washed and used again. Doing this can reduce the amount of trash that may end up in the landfill.

The Environmental Services Department encourages everyone to recycle properly, not just during March Madness but all year. To learn more about recycling, visit Recycle Right El Paso at

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