El Pasoans headed to Russia for World Cup

Thursday is day one of the World Cup, and over the next month more than 1 million fans are expected to visit Russia, like El Pasoan Atonio Alvarado.

Thursday is day one of the World Cup, and over the next month more than 1 million fans are expected to visit Russia.

The Economist is reporting that among all foreigners, Americans have bought the most tickets to games.

One of those Americans holding a ticket to the World Cup Games is Antonio Alvarado. He’s making the trip on Thursday to Russia from the Borderland with his father.

Telling KFOX14, “My dad and I haven’t been able to sleep,” Alvarado says they’re beyond excited.

The trip couldn’t have better timing. Alvarado and his father will be in Moscow for the Germany vs. Mexico game on Father’s Day this Sunday.

“I think I’m going to start crying from the excitement,” says Alvarado, “I can’t wait to be there already. I mean it’s my dad and that’s his passion.”

Alvarado says that they have hospitality tickets, which are similar to VIP tickets, but that involved a lengthy process.

He said in November of last year he and his father had to submit their information and get accepted by FIFA.

Even further, Moscow is getting packed. Alvarado told KFOX14, “As of December of last year there were almost no hotels and the last hotels were really expensive.”

Even with limited space, however, Moscow seems to be ready for fans like him.

Years of renovation has created wide pedestrian walkways, green scenery and nearly universal WIFI coverage.

The Economist reports that several English-speaking volunteers have been recruited and taxi drivers are being encouraged to brush up on their language skills.

Alvarado says he just can’t wait to get there and show his Mexican pride. “I’ve been looking at videos from some other people that are already over there in Moscow and they’ll go to the Red Square and chant some of our songs over there,” he said.

He says he’s hopeful and believes that Mexico will go to the round of 16s

Alvarado says he’s also expecting security to be a little more strict than normal.

He says they’ve already received emails from FIFA that they’ve banned luchador masks.

Other El Pasoans we learned are going to Russia are Antonio Alvarado and Carlos Murillo.

Show how you are celebrating the World Cup, or are going to Russia, send us your pictures!

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