El Pasoans cope with wet, windy Wednesday

El Pasoans had to deal with rainy and windy weather on Jan. 10, 2018. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

After a rainy start to the day, the weather started to clear up Wednesday afternoon.

El Pasoans from the west side of town to the eastside all had their own takes on the weather.

Some enjoyed the wet and windy weather and others prepared to deal with the worst.

“Actually, I like this kind of weather,” said Andres Camacho of west El Paso. “It’s kind of a good change of pace. I like the cold so I kind of like being out (during) this kind of weather.”

Others weren’t so excited about the weather. Renata Smith described it as “depressing.”

“When the weather is like this, it reminds me of Germany, November and January, it’s always those (freezing) months, but it’s going to get better,” Smith said.

The rain cleared and then came the wind as much of the area was under a wind advisory.

The weather put an afternoon walk on hold for Elijah Marquez and his dog Snoopy.

Whether its rain, sleet or snow, El Pasoans say weather like what was seen today means people have to be extra prepared.

“We usually get the coats ready,” said Alex Loya of west El Paso. She said people she knows "just prepare with a mentality to drive safely the next day.”

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