El Pasoan working on first 'Latino ' intergalactic superhero film

Interstellar Eddy animation

“Black Panther” is a new movie coming out in February that features the first African-American superhero,

Local El Pasoan Sergio Armendariz says he wants the same for the Latino community.

"Black Panther is a big step for the African American audience, and for us it is a big opening because the Latino audience is growing and we need a superhero," said Armendariz.

Armendariz grew up in El Paso before he worked in Hollywood for 27 years for companies like Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks.

"I’ve seen behind the scenes what goes on and I know what the industry is looking. They are not willing to take the chance, which is why me and my partner have decided to work on a Latino superhero," said Armendariz.

Armendariz said he used his culture and upbringing in the borderland to create the first Latino intergalactic superhero called Interstellar Eddy.

"The project that I’m working on is Interstellar Eddy. I based him in the southwest region so basically El Paso and the Las Cruces, New Mexico area. I use that as the background for where he grew up. I based it on where I grew up as a kid and my own experiences," said Armendariz.

Armendariz says he worked on Interstellar Eddy for many years.

"What we are trying to do which is basically like Black Panther is we are trying to create a diverse type of character that all can relate to each other,” said Armendariz.

All in all, Armendariz says the time for the first Latino superhero is now.

"We've always been here, but you just haven’t noticed us and we are coming and we are coming in full force," said Armendariz.

Some speculate that the Blue Beetle was the first Latino superhero, but Armendariz said “Jaime Reyes is the third person to become the Blue Beetle. Interstellar Eddy is the first Latino origin superhero which technically makes him the first Latino superhero.”

Armendariz is launching a crowdfunding campaign for the first Latino superhero on Feb. 13 in Las Cruces, El Paso and Los Angeles.

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