El Pasoan warns about dangers of debris on roadways

El Pasoan says a rock caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage after it smashed his windshield.

We have all experienced seeing something in the road that you try to avoid hitting.

One El Pasoan we spoke with says a huge rock crashed through his windshield and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

But he says he is fortunate on one was injured.

"Just passed the Fonseca exit where I saw some rocks on the road which looked like just a few rocks,” said Jonathan Futch. “But, it ended up being a whole bunch of rocks and stones altogether."

A split second decision is all you have when you’re driving and unexpectedly see something in the road.

"It just came straight through my windshield and ended up in the back seat,” said Futch.

He said a rock kicked up and bounced off of his passenger seat and landed in the backseat of his car.

"I flinched at first and I slowed down,” he explained. "It came through almost like the windshield had exploded, almost."

He said he has never experienced anything like this.

“I had found the rock, about a 5-pound rock in the backseat,” he said.

So, what should you do, if you do spot a hazard on the roadway?

“You want to try to avoid it,” said Sandra Marquez, instructor at SVM Defensive Driving. “We probably want to slow down."

She said drivers should call the non-emergency phone number to alert the authorities.

Marquez told KFOX14 they would be able to safely remove the debris.

She said drivers should always try to maintain control of their vehicles as to not cause a more serious accident.

“You don't want to move your steering wheel too quickly, too fast, from one side to the other, because you can easily lose control,” Marquez said.

Marquez said to remain alert and pay attention to any signs on the road, which is something Futch said he will be more conscious about.

"I'll definitely be aware,” he said. "So, that won't happen again."

We reached out to TXDoT to see how often they clean the roadways.

"Depending on the roadway most roads are swept once a month,” said Jennifer Wright, public affairs officer for the El Paso district in a statement. “Of course higher profile roads such as IH-10 have a weekly schedule. It also depends on funding that shifts any available funds to mostly IH-10."

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