El Paso Zoo welcomes new Asian Horse that's part of endangered species

El Paso Zoo welcomes new Asian Horse

The El Paso Zoo has welcomed a new member to its animal family.

Asian wild horse Misha was born April 25. She is part of a species that came close to extinction, zoo officials said.

Misha will be on exhibit for a limited number of hours from Friday through Monday on Memorial Day weekend.

Zoo officials said the horse species is specific to Magnolia and China but at one time, the horses were extinct in the wild.

The El Paso Zoo acquired a male Asian horse in 2016 from a Minnesota Zoo and a female Asian horse on the same year from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute for Species survival.

“It’s great to be able to be at this next step in the survival plan,” said John Kiseda, El Paso Zoo animal curator. “Producing a youngster is important for maintaining and hopefully enhancing the genetic variability within the population. It’s great for our guests to see our work with endangered species.”

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