El Paso woman claims man took photos, videos of her in Victoria's Secret changing room

Erica Gonzalez says a man was recording her while she was ina changing room at Victoria’s Secret inside Cielo Vista Mall. Credit: KFOX14 /CBS4

Erica Gonzalez says she made a casual trip to buy a few items at Victoria's Secret at Cielo Vista Mall.

Gonzalez claims she went to the store about 11 a.m. Tuesday and when she was in a dressing room she heard a few rumbles coming from the room's door.

"I heard noise on my door as if someone was trying to open my door,” Gonzalez said.

Shortly after, she said she saw feet in the gap between the door and the floor of the dressing room.

"I noticed on his left ankle he had a small version of an iPhone turned upside down with the camera looking towards me underneath the door,” Gonzalez said. “So I stood there in shock like, 'OK, am I really seeing this?'"

Gonzales said she paid it no mind until she saw a small phone on the feet with the camera facing toward her.

She stated she confronted the man after she changed into her original clothes.

“I literally got him and pulled (him) out of the dressing room,” Gonzalez said. “I started just yelling like a crazy girl, ‘Help me, help me. He was seeing me, he was recording me. I was naked.’”

Gonzalez said the situation has made her fearful about going to the mall.

“I kind of have that not-so-good feeling of going into a mall and not, you know, knowing who’s looking at you or with what or who has what on their foot,” Gonzalez said.

KFOX14 has reached out to Cielo Vista Mall and Victoria's Secret about the incident. We haven’t heard back from them at this time.

Regardless, Gonzalez says this situation makes her think twice when going to any mall.

"I kind of have that not so good feeling of going into a mall and not you know knowing who's looking at you or with what or who has what,” Gonzalez said.

El Paso police said they are investigating the incident.

Gonzalez had to tell her 9-year-old son what happened. She hopes he learns a lesson from what she says happened and so do other woman.

"I want women to know that this can happen. It can happen anywhere at any time,” Gonzalez said. “Just to be more vigilant and more careful."

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