El Paso Water works to beautify existing facilities

El Paso Water facility

El Paso Water is working to beautify some of its existing facilities around the city.

The Pico Norte Lift Station in east El Paso recently underwent a facelift.

"We redid the facade around the entire building, in addition to the fencing improvements to match everything else," said Gilbert Trejo, chief technical officer.

Neighbors said the changes help the facility blend in to the community more than before.

"It looked terrible," Jose Luis Vidana said. "It was just covered by a regular fence. It looked like people could just jump over. Now, it not only makes the park look beautiful but my workplace look more beautiful."

Trejo said each beautification project can cost $250,000- to $500,000. The money is set aside and doesn't get taken away from any other projects.

"This isn't taking away from any stormwater or drainage-improvement project. Those will get done. We prioritize all the stormwater projects first and with any leftover funds for the given year, that will be put into the beautification fund," he said.

The Mulberry Pond in the Upper Valley is next on the list to be beautified, according to Trejo.

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