El Paso Water updates stormwater master plan

El Paso Water Utilities updated its stormwater master plan.

El Paso Water Utilities used a focus group to update its stormwater master plan for the first time in nearly a decade.

"It was an extremely productive outcome because the things they asked us to do were different than what we had been doing," Alan Shubert, the vice president for operations and technical services, said.

Shubert said the original master plan was created in 2009. The utility will now focus more on local flooding that people see every day and projects that will reduce maintenance costs, according to Shubert.

"Some of the projects we can deliver more easily can come up the list," he said.

The new list changes some projects, compared to the original plan. For example, a channel at Ponder Park was originally supposed to be expanded. On the new plan, it'll be made into a park pond.

"It wouldn't add to our maintenance cost and would actually expand the park and not take away from the park," Shubert said.

El Pasoans said they agree with the change.

"If they were to work on that, it would help a lot because, when the roads are flooded, it's hard to get home or go to work," Michael Martinez said.

El Paso Water's public service board accepted the recommendations and the new list at a meeting last week.

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