El Paso sees big turnout during first day of midterm early voting

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Plenty of El Pasoans hit the polls across the city to cast their ballot. On Tuesday, 4,809 voted in the first day of early voting for the 2018 midterm primary election, according to the county elections department.

Some El Pasoans went to the voting stations because of the current political climate.

"Politics is really picking up, since Trump is doing a lot of things,” said Juan Gonzalez, in downtown.

"People are voting early because they want a change in government," Ricardo Huerta in the Lower Valley said. “That's what I think."

"Because what's happening with a lot of people like Trump,” Jose De La Rosa in the Lower Valley said.

"I think there's a lot of issues that everybody is interested in, like DACA is one of the most important ones right now," said Tony Krahmer in west El Paso.

On the first day of early voting in the 2014 midterms, 2,788 people cast their ballot.

People came to the polls for the issues. But there's also a lot of interest for how many names are on the ticket.

"One of the reasons why is that there are so many people running,” Arturo Hernandez in the Lower Valley said. “And people are interested in choosing the right people."

"There's a lot of fine candidates out there and I think it's going to be a tough decision to make,” Krahmer said. “I just got some more information that I have to study before I make my final decision."

"As far as 2014 goes, I don't think there was as many contested races towards the top of the ticket," Elections Administrator Lisa Wise said.

Wise said she’s confident the big turnout will continue until election day.

"I do believe that it is indicative and I hope it is. The more people that participate, the better our representatives are,” Wise said. “We're hoping that this is just a little piece of how we'll do the election cycle."

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