El Paso representative to argue 2020 census in Austin

El Paso representative to argue 2020 census in Austin

The debate of whether or not the 2020 census should ask if you're a U.S. citizen is ongoing, and on Wednesday, leaders across the Lone Star State are expected to head to the state capital on to argue that matter.

Texas state Rep. Cesar Blanco from El Paso is one of those leaders.

Those leaders say the move would significantly affect the state, and they're urging state and federal leaders to fight against the inclusion of a citizenship question and a couple of El Pasoans told KFOX14 that they agree with that effort.

Wayne Windle said, "I think it'll be a particularly bad for a lot of people that live in this area, and I hope he [President Trump] doesn't go through with that."

Cristy Castañares of West El Paso agrees, telling KFOX14, "Living in this country that was founded by immigrants, I don't think that it's completely appropriate."

She continued by saying that the census, "serves its purpose the way it is and I think it's a good way of the president trying to incorporate his own agenda into the census."

One El Pasoan, however, says the question is necessary, telling KFOX14, "I understand why they would do it. There is enough immigration here in the United States, so he [President Trump] should take special precautions for the U.S."

While some say that a question of citizenship status could feed fear and lead to people not completing the census, Eduardo Gonzalez of West El Paso says, "We have various immigrants and as long as they don't do bad things, it won't affect us."

Some of the groups that are expected to attend today's meeting include the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and the CEO of the Center for Public Policy Priorities.

The meeting is expected to begin in Austin at 9 a.m. MST.

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