El Paso police say reality TV program doesn't hinder their ability to protect the city

Darrel Petry, a spokesperson for the El Paso Police Department, said that when the cameras are rolling, nothing changes for the officers. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Seeing a police officer patrol around El Paso is nothing new for people.

But now a TV program called “Live PD” is giving people a chance to see officers in a new light.

"Whether they be pro or con to law enforcement, it gives them a true depiction of what they are doing and what they deal with on a day in and day out basis,” Darrel Petry, an El Paso Police Department spokesperson, said.

Petry said when the cameras are rolling, nothing changes for the officers. But the show does come with some challenges.

"Their safety and the safety of the community are paramount,” Petry said. “But now you've added a camera in the car and that's extra people that our officers have to watch for or be concerned about."

Some people said getting this type of glimpse inside the patrol car could change people's view on officers.

"You know it shows what their lives are like every day on the streets and it keeps it honest,” Cruz Medina, West El Paso, said.

"I think it's good to know what they are doing and it gives another glimpse as to what's happening in real time,” Sam Michael, West El Paso, said.

"To see what they do on a daily basis changes the perception,” Juan Romero, West El Paso,said. "The way they manage to take care of us without us even knowing."

There has been visible turmoil between some members of the public and law enforcement officers.

Petry said the purpose of the show is different than trying to change the minds of those who are anti-law enforcement.

"I don't know if the show actually changes the perception of law enforcement,” Petry said. “Definitely it provides more information to the viewers and to people that live in a community."

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