El Paso police arrest teen accused of following, robbing women

Mug shot of Jesus Antonio Chavez. Chavez was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility for two counts of Aggravated Robbery and two outstanding traffic warrants under bonds totaling over $50,000.

An El Paso teen accused of robbing women at gunpoint was arrested Friday.

Police said Jesus Antonio Chavez, 18, is linked to at least two aggravated robberies.

The first happened on Jan. 22 just after 10 p.m. at the Gold’s Gym Parking lot.

Police said a woman who was preparing to leave was sitting in her car when she was approached by a teen.

The teen, later identified as Chavez, entered her vehicle and was wielding a gun when he demanded money, police said.

Chavez allegedly groped the woman before leaving the area, police said.

On Thursday, another woman was robbed at gunpoint after she arrived at a friend’s house on Chinaberry Drive.

Police said Chavez was following the woman after she made a withdrawal at an ATM on Vista Del Sol Drive.

On Friday afternoon, Chavez was driving on the 10600 block of Cardigan Drive in east El Paso, and was arrested on outstanding traffic warrants, police said.

Officers found a black BB gun and other items inside the vehicle that were believed to have been used in the robberies, police said.

The police’s investigation then linked Chavez to the two robberies.

Chavez was booked on two counts of aggravated robbery and two outstanding traffic warrants. His bail totaled more than $50,000.

El Paso officers relayed information to officers in Horizon City after a similar incident happened in that area, police said. It is not known if Chavez is linked to that incident.

Police released the following information to help lessen the likelihood of others becoming victimized by similar incidents:

“If walking to or from a car, do not become distracted with mobile devices, have keys in hand, scan entire area, and be aware of surroundings. There is safety in numbers so if parked in a public area, walk to your car when there are others around. Avoid an area if isolated to just an individual. Once inside your car, lock doors and do not delay departing. Most, if not all, car key remotes have a panic button. If in fear, use it to draw attention. While driving, scan the area ahead and behind, use rear view and side mirrors. If you believe you are being followed, continue driving to a well-lighted occupied public area and call police. Do not drive to an isolated location.”

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