El Paso Parks & Rec comes up with plan to construct 11 flat fields across El Paso

City of El Paso looking to build new athletic fields.

There are some fields El Pasoans young and old can use for different activities. But the City of El Paso’s parks and rec director says there needs to be more.

"The main need we are trying to address is that we have a deficit of 11 fields right now based on the population in Central El Paso,” Tracy Novak, Parks and Rec director, said.,

But the needs spreads further than central. The city plans to have 11 fields from west to the northeast, something people like Jesus Luga and Andrea Achavarri are looking forward to having.

"Many people struggle a lot that the flat field is too far or there's too many people,” Luga said,

"Honestly, I don't see a lot of people outside nowadays,” Achavarri said. “So it's going to encourage people to do something."

The money to build these 11 fields is going to come from the Quality of Life bond projects. The total price tag is about $5 million. The city says it found a way to more than double the amount of field people can use.

"El Paso Independent School District joined with the city in a joint-use agreement that opened up their existing field at various school sites,” Novak said. “So we have 14 fields that have already come our way. So that's 25 fields that we are able to offer to the community."

The 11 fields are expected to be completed by 2022. Some people tell me they're willing to wait for something important.

"Seeing as it's going to be brand-new fields, flat ground and everything,” Hermero Lera said. “I mean, it's worth the wait."

"I would live with that because it's going to be 11 more fields. It takes actually a lot of time to build just one,” Luga said.

"It's going to take some time but, it'll get here,” Achavarri said.

The city says it will build the flat fields at underutilized parks that don't have flat field for soccer, football or other sports. Council will review this plan Monday morning.

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