El Paso County Sportspark improvements finally completed

    El Paso County Sportspark improvements finally completed

    The El Paso County Sportspark is finally finished following years of delays caused by legal issues between the city and former contractor Sunlight Enterprises.

    When the Sportspark opens on May 17, athletes and spectators can expect to see upgraded fields, batting cages, sidewalks and walkways. They will also be able to enjoy the all-new pro shop and restaurant. The county currently has a bid out to fill both.

    "One of the biggest improvements or benefits that we've gained from these improvements are that we're actually able to use the facility. Prior to that, the conditions of the site didn't really allow us to open up fields but now we can," said El Paso County Engineer Melina Banuelos.

    These improvements have been a long time coming Sunlight Enterprises was originally contracted back in 2012 to complete the project, They were unable to finish the project, which ultimately led to a construction halt in 2014. By January 2015, new contractor Jordan Foster was brought in.

    "He was able to provide some of his recommendations, [and] the contractor and the architect were able to start actual construction in December of 2015," said Banuelos.

    Four months later, all of the improvements are complete meaning it's nearly time to play ball.

    "We're looking at bringing in large-scale tournaments. This place is perfectly designed to hold 90, 100, 150 team tournaments," said Eric Storrie, El Paso's director of parks, recreation and tourism.

    Construction improvements with Jordan Foster cost $2.3 million. The original budget was $2.4 million.

    Officials said having the park open will be of great benefit to the region.

    "Right now, we have a shortage of fields everywhere. Whether it be the city or the county, teams need fields. So now that we have 10 fields on line, we're really going to be able to serve the community better," said Storrie.

    Although the park's grand opening is still a few weeks away, county officials said there will be a soft opening Saturday.

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