El Paso County prepares for November general election

El Paso County prepares for November general election. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

"If you don't vote your voice doesn't count,” Sergio Ortega said.

“I believe that this election is the most important election we've had in the last 20 years,” Rick Seeberger said.

People in El Paso are ready for November.

"We've been busy starting all the way back in the summer time," Lisa Wise, El Paso County Elections Department administrator said.

The county's elections department and Wise are ready too.

"We're just wrapping up our agreements with our polling sites, with the entities that we are going to be conducting elections for by contract,” Wise said. “Right now, we were getting all of our ballots proofed by them."

Wise tells KFOX14 El Paso County saw an influx of voter on Election Day during the March primary.

The lines at polling stations were long back during that voting period.

This is something the county doesn't want people to wait through again.

"This time we are going to put every machine out. It doesn't separate by party. So in the primary, what happened is sometimes you would have one party with a high volume at a polling place,” Wise said. “They would use the machine designated for their party and other machines would sit idle. So now, in the general, you can use any machine."

People tell me they're voting for the first time to set an example.

"I think I've been irresponsible in the past about not voting,” Ortega said. “I need to show my kids that it's important to vote."

Others are voting for change.

"Our nation is in serious trouble. We need real answers to the challenges we are facing not more of the same,” Seeberger said.

Wise and the county are optimistic all the prep work will mean good things for voters.

"It's kind of a different level of excitement we've seen in this election on one side or the other,” Wise said. “So we've got some other county races that driving some turn out. So we're guessing close to 60 percent."

The county will have a National Voter Registration Day at Basset Place on Sept. 27. Voters last day to register to vote is Oct. 11.

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