El Paso County may help kick off USL soccer

The open records request of the meeting with MountainStar.

Unlike when MountainStar Sports Group worked with the city of El Paso for the El Paso Chihuahuas' new home, El Paso County might get involved in the new United Soccer League project.

MountainStar may choose to work with the county over the city to get the project on track.

KFOX14 has repored the county has been in the works with this possibility for a couple of years.

"I know that there's definitely a plan to bring a soccer team to El Paso, and there may be a possibility of the county working with MountainStar Sports to make that happen," said El Paso County Commissioner David Stout. "We definitely have to look at if there's going to be a partnership with the county how that would work out."

KFOX14 found out the county may have started the process of developing that partnership with MountainStar.

Through an open record request, KFOX14 discovered El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar met with the group on March 4.

All county leaders, with the exception of Commissioner Carlos Leon, met with the group on March 17, May 4 and May 5.

"We've had some meetings, but I can't give you any of the details on those meetings," Stout said.

KFOX14 wanted to know why MountainStar might pick the county over the city.

"That's a good question," Stout said. "I'm not sure why they want to work with the county per se, as opposed to the city, but I think they may see that we have a very unified Commissioners Court."

Josh Hunt with MountainStar says it's because of how busy the city currently is.

"Clearly the city right now is fully engaged in trying to implement $450 million worth of quality-of-life bonds, so they've got a bully full plate right now," Hunt said. "That doesn't mean we're not going to work with the city but they've got a full plate."

As for how the project will be funded, it still needs to be figured out.

"Anything would need to be going to the voters for their approval," Hunt said.

Hunt told KFOX14 MountainStar hasn't met with the city yet, but plans to in the near future.

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