El Paso County addresses possibility of Election Day voter fraud


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said time and time again the election is rigged. Other are concerned that voter fraud could happen in their counties.

But some voters here in El Paso county aren't too concerned.

"It doesn't seem to be like a lot of voter fraud in everything I've seen or read it's not really much of an incident,” Ginny Fischer said.

"There's going to be a lot of people doing it to make their vote stick or whatever,” Israel Perez said.

Lisa Wise, of the El Paso County Elections Department, told KFOX14 there's a lot of different types of voter fraud.

"There's the side of it with ballot by mail. There's the side of it with the registration. There's in-person voting ID," Wise said.

She also said there’s one form that stands above the rest.

"To me, when people say 'voter fraud,' there's people impersonating someone when they show up to the polling site pretending to be someone else," Wise said."

Changes to the Texas voter ID law haven't made it any easier to find cases of voter fraud.

"Tracking that is tough,” Wise said. “What the law has done has allowed voters who may not have been able to get the one of seven forms of approved photo ID the option (of showing) a supporting document."

What that means is a registered voter can sign a form explaining why they don't have a Texas driver's license, passport or a government-issued photo ID. Then, they provide a utility bill, car registration or a pay stub to cast their ballot.

The Election Department has been keeping a watchful eye on those forms.

"Those have been turned in daily. We've been logging those. Once the election is over, we will turn those over to the Secretary of State’s Office. That'll be something that they'll start to investigate if they see any patterns or anything like that,” Wise said.

Wise also added there shouldn’t be any cause for concern when it comes to voter fraud at the electronic voting machines. The county's machines don't have a wireless signal and cannot be interfered with by an outside source.

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