El Paso businesses offering deals to ease westside commuters

    Traffic on Mesa in west El Paso

    Drivers with flexible schedules that get stuck in traffic congestion can take advantage of “Jam Specials.”

    Motorists in west El Paso have encountered the traffic nightmare along Mesa Street at some point this year, at least once.

    When there’s been a collision on Interstate 10 in west El Paso an alternate route for commuters has been to take Mesa Street. At times, it creates heavy congestion on Mesa Street.

    The Texas Department of Transportation announced Wednesday its working with businesses along Mesa Street to offer relief to drivers while helping restaurants.

    More than 25 businesses will be offering promotions or discounts hoping they see an increase of people taking a break from the gridlock.

    "Traffic Jam specials can help relieve congestion during peak rush hours by encouraging people with more flexible schedules to get out of traffic and support local businesses; and, leave the streets to those who absolutely must get to their kids, pets, or other non-negotiable obligations," said Jennifer Wright with TxDOT.

    Participating Businesses

    1. Affordable Insurance Group 1055 Sunland Park Dr., Suite D

    2. Angry Owl 4799 N. Mesa

    3. Bob-O's Family Fun Center 3851 Constitution Dr

    4. Carinos Italian 675 Sunland Park Drive

    5. Cheep Antiques 3233 N. Mesa, Suite 208

    6. Coronado Prime Meats 6535 N. Mesa

    7. Dimage Digital Photo Studio 750 Sunland Park Dr. P08 (inside Sunland Park Mall)

    8. Frozert Yogurt 2609 N. Mesa

    9. Heaven Sent Florist 6110 N. Mesa

    10. Hunan Palace 3737 N. Mesa

    11. Just One 2708 N. Mesa

    12. Kern Place Florist 2605 N. Mesa

    13. Mesa Street Grill 3800 N. Mesa St

    14. Modas Carolina 750 Sunland Park Mall, Suite G6 (inside Sunland Park Mall)

    15. Mother of Pearl Vinyl 4935 N. Mesa, Suite 6

    16. Nolita Corner Bistro 420 E. San Antonio

    17. Nour Mediterranean Café 3800 N. Mesa St., Suite C-10

    18. Papa Pita 7114 N. Mesa

    19. Pet's Barn 2301 N. Mesa #20

    20. Psychic Lynns 6633 N. Mesa, Suite 104

    21. Rulis' International Kitchen 4176 N. Mesa

    22. Sharp Styles 1055 Sunland Park Dr

    23. Simply Nutrition 4400 N. Mesa St. #3,

    24. Singapore Café 4120 N. Mesa

    25. Small Cakes El Paso 2900 N. Mesa, Suite G

    26. The Pizza Joint 2900 N. Mesa, Ste. F

    27. The Shoe Doctor 750 Sunland Park Mall, Suite E16 (inside Sunland Park Mall)

    TxDOT will be promoting via social media. The preferred hashtag is #EPjam. People are also encouraged to download the Metropia app to take full advantage of all the incentives being made possible through this initiative. People on Twitter should follow @go10ep and @TxDOTelp.

    "While we concentrated our initial outreach effort along Mesa, Sunland Park, and Downtown, any business affected by construction can participate," said Wright. Businesses may join this initiative by doing the following:

    1. Establish a "jam" special offer.

    2. Regularly promote their special offer on social media while using the #epJam

    3. Promote their special offer with outdoor signage, if they can.

    If a new business lets us know they have joined the initiative, we can add them to the official "jam" listing online and keep them updated through email correspondence. Businesses may contact us at info @go10elpaso.com or 1-844-373-4610.

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