El Paso brewery recognized by former wrestling executive

Deadbeach Brewery

Linda McMahon, the co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment, met with the owners of Deadbeach Brewery to talk small business.

The local brewery is one of the last stops for the U.S. Small Business Administration's Ignite Tour.

McMahon, head of the SBA, is focused on spreading awareness of the agency's programs and services and getting real-time input from entrepreneurs about their most pressing challenges.

Linda McMahon and her husband, Vince McMahon, started a small wrestling company in 1979 that grew into the large entertainment company known as WWE.

McMahon toured the brewery and learned more about the owners' success Tuesday afternoon.

Deadbeach Brewery opened its doors in downtown El Paso in 2015.

The brewery is known for brewing several types of signature beers.

Deadbeach is owned by Gabe Montoya, Justin Ordonez and Jason Hunt.

If you're interested in starting a small business in El Paso. the local SBA office may be able to help.

U.S. Small Business Administration El Paso District Office

211 N. Florence Street 2nd Floor, Suite 201

El Paso, Texas

Phone: 915-834-4600

Fax: 915-834-4689

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