Eastwood High School robotic teams heads to world competition

The Eastwood High School Robotics Club is competing for the 2018 VEZ Robotics World Championship.

The Eastwood High School Robotics Club is competing with 32 other countries.

In April, the team will go to Louisville, Kentucky, for the 2018 VEX Robotics World Championship.

It will compete against high school teams from all over the world.

Robotics Club president Gio Leon and treasurer Maria Adeliz-Ordonez spoke aboutwhat the competition means to them.

"It's an extremely big deal because this completion, hosted by VEX Robotics and the REC (Robotics Education & Competition) Foundation, is -- they have over 32 countries in attendance with over 10,000 teams, and it's the best of the best in the world. So it truly is a privilege to be able to go and compete with them," said Adeliz-Ordonez.

At the completion of the competition, teams will play a game called “In The Zone.” It consists of robots playing against each other by stacking cones. The robot with the highest stack wins.

Two other highs schools in the area -- Canutillo and Riverside high schools -- will be competing as well.

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