Eastlake High School mourning death of classmate killed in wreck

Bowdoin Drive

Students at Eastlake High School are mourning the loss of one of their classmates.

Penelope Jauregui, 16, was killed in a two-vehicle collision Wednesday night at an intersection in Sparks in far east El Paso County.

The deadly wreck claimed her life and Hugo Davalos, 30, who the driver in the other car involved, according El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday afternoon, the mood after school was somber.

Officials with the Socorro Independent School District said Jauregui was a junior at Eastlake High School.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of a Hyundai Veloster was southbound on Horizon Blvd. when the driver ran the red light at the intersection of Horizon Blvd. and Bowdoin Street. They said the Veloster struck a Nissan Sentra eastbound on Bowdoin Street.

Friends and classmates of Jauregui who heard the news are in shock.

“If I knew that it was going to be the last time that I was going to see her, I would never let her go,” said friend Paola Martinez.

El Paso County sheriff’s spokeswoman Leslie Antunez has not said which person was driving the car that ran the red light.

“Yesterday when all of this happened, I was coming from work. And I saw the street closed. But I didn’t really know that it was going to be her," said Martinez.

“I didn’t personally know her, but I could tell she was a special person for a lot of people," said Luisa Cardiel.

Cardiel found out about what happened from a school-wide intercom announcement.

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