Eastside Sports Complex celebrates its grand opening

Grand Opening of Eastside Sports Complex.

The first phase of the Eastside Sports Complex is now complete.

On Thursday night, the City of El Paso hosted a grand opening.

The complex features a total of eight fields, an area that can seat up to 500 people, and a biking/hiking trail.

This phase cost $10 million, which was funded through the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds.

Phase one rings in at $10 million.

The complex was expected to open last October, but the date was pushed back to allow the grass to grow.

“Usually the fields that we play in have holes, trash and the grass is very non-healthy. And this grass looks really nice," said Jocelyn Hernandez a soccer player.

“We didn’t want to open it to the public until the grass actually went through the growth cycles. This particular project, again, is going to be the biggest tournament facility that we have.” said City Engineer Sam Rodriguez.

The city said there was a need for more fields and this could help bring in tournaments in from out of town.

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