Early release planned for 13 EPISD schools for Monday

Several schools near the El Paso County Coliseum are scheduling early releases due to the president’s visit on Monday.

The El Paso Independent School District announced Friday that 13 of its campuses in south-central El Paso will have early releases to prepare for the large crowds and potential traffic issues.

Aoy, Beall, Burleson, Clardy, Cooley, Douglass, Hart and Zavala elementary schools will release students at noon on Monday. The afternoon prekindergarten and Head Start sessions will be moved to the morning. Guillen and Henderson middle schools and Bowie, Jefferson and Silva Health Magnet high schools will also be released at noon.

District officials said all after-school activities for the impacted campuses are canceled Monday.

EPISD officials said they worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to determine this plan for President Donald Trump’s visit.

Classes at all impacted campuses will resume as normal on Tuesday.

The rest of the district’s schools, including Central Office , will operate on a normal schedule on Monday.

"That’s [the closures] really more due to traffic concerns in the area, not any security reasons or anything like that, but because the Coliseum will open for the event at 4 PM that’s right about the time that school lets out. So we’re really concerned about buses and students walking home would be caught in that traffic so that’s why we made the decision for the early release that day for the schools in that area, ” Melissa Martinez, Chief Communications Officer of EPISD said.

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