Drivers overwhelmed with semitrailer traffic near El Paso bridges

Traffic backup near El Paso bridge. (KFOX14/CBS4)

Complaints about traffic near the ports of entry are becoming an ongoing issue.

Traffic can be a nightmare during rush hour, especially if you get stuck behind semitrailers trying to cross into Juarez.

People who live near the Chamizal said semitrailers are taking over and line up for miles.

They said such traffic only happens during peak times, but that it is a nuisance when trying to get around their own neighborhoods.

"It builds up pretty bad. Yeah, sometimes it’s all the way up to I-10, so it gets pretty backed up,” said Israel Alvarado, who works in the area.

Some people who didn’t want to go on-camera said air pollution is also a big concern.

TXDoT said they are already working on plans to help alleviate some of the issues in the area.

“What we’ve done is come up with a plan that will actually rebuild this intersection here and will no longer allow any traffic to go south into Mexico off of Paisano,” said TXDOT spokesperson, Jennifer Wright.

She said the I-10 Connect project will begin in January and take three years to complete.

“It’s also going to help, in general, with the traffic on the ramp. It’s basically adding additional direct connect ramps, so that people don’t have to get in line with the trucks bound for Mexico, if they’re just trying to go to the zoo on Paisano or if they’re trying to get to the border highway,” she said.

Wright said TXDOT will hold public meetings this summer about the project.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on those dates and times.

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