Drivers in east El Paso will see more orange barrels starting January 2..

Drivers in east El Paso will see more orange barrels starting January 2.

TxDOT is hoping to alleviate traffic with its Airway and Viscount ramp improvement project, but in the meantime, drivers will have to put up with construction for the next 11 months.

“There’s a lot of traffic, a very congested area,” said eastside resident Dolores Gomez.

Traffic is especially bad on the Gateway near the Fountains at Farah and Cielo Vista Mall.

TxDOT will add braided ramps to help freeway traffic merge more smoothly into the area.

The project starts Tuesday and drivers are already thinking of taking alternate routes home to avoid those orange barrels.

“Every time I try to get out of I-10 it gets pretty packed, so I think with the construction it’s just going to bring more problems,” said eastside resident Cilayn Alba.

TxDOT says the project should have minimal impact to traffic.

Drivers tell KFOX14 despite the hassle of more construction, it’s a much-needed project.

“We’re long overdue for some kind of construction. I guess they didn’t really plan [the area] well,” Gomez said.

There will be some closures related to the project starting at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

;I-10 East will be closed from the Airway overpass to the Viscount overpass until 5 crews begin installing barricades.

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