Drivers going off-road to avoid I-10 congestion

A picture of some drivers going off of I-10 west through dirt to get to Thorn Avenue.

Construction and congestion on Interstate 10 have drivers taking a different route, and it's not an orthodox one.

Some people are spotting drivers taking illegal shortcuts to avoid congestion.

One area that an I-Spot reporter brought to KFOX14's attention is I-10 west near Thorn Avenue.

The picture shows multiple vehicles getting off I-10, and driving on dirt to get to Thorne.

A Texas Department of Transportation official told KFOX14 this is a problem and needs to stop.

"It's illegal and it's dangerous," said Bob Bielek, the district engineer for TXDOT. "It really puts people in danger when you do that because people aren't expecting for someone to pop out of that area."

One driver, Sylvia long, said she sees this happen all the time.

"That's why I try to avoid that area if I can," Long said. "I'm just hoping those drivers who do that don't cause an accident."

Bielek said there are options TXDOT can do to prevent this.

"In some areas like the area at Thorn, I haven't been able to get my maintenance guys out there to dig ditches," Bielek said. "That's what we have to do in order to stop that at places like that."

The El Paso Police Department said drivers who do that can get a fine of up to $500. According to EPPD, this type of action is treated like driving on the sidewalk.

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